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Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

If you’re looking for corporation that will fulfill your fences/ gates wants, then contact at our driveway gates corporation in Santee. We’re the company who is in this area for an extended time. We’re one of reputed company in Santee.

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

Our Gate business in Santee CA offers various sorts of servicing to our consumers. We can repairs gates, this including pedestrian gate, driveway gate and walk via gate. Even we proffer welding servicing. The driveway

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Your search for an excellent gate company that can do it all is over. Our gate business in Santee will fulfill all your gate and fence needs. Our company offers services such as the repair of gates to supplying and installing all types of gate openers / motors

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24/7 emergency gate contractor for top services!

Here are answers to questions on gate repair and door maintenance. Just read on.

What can I do for the maintenance of my gates?

For a longer service life of gates, regular maintenance check-ups and inspections should be done. These include the regular check up of controls, programs and systems in gates installed. Repairs and replacements are done whenever necessary to keep the gates in good running condition. Minor steps like putting grease or oil; replacing rotten portions of wood, repainting or just changing batteries also forms part of the maintenance of gates.

How do I check my remote controls for defects?

Remote controls are gadgets or devices operated by batteries. They are used to operate door closers. Usually batteries of these remote controls get drained and they have to be replaced. At times, the batteries leak causing the remote control to malfunction so you need to clean the battery receptacle well to have it functioning again. Remote controls are not hard to maintain, they just need simple maintenance check-ups regularly.

What do I do when my gate gets jammed?

Gates usually get jammed when there are obstructions in their path. These obstructions can be things blown by the wind that got stuck on the gate or there are specks of dirt on the lenses of the sensors. Whatever is causing the gates to be jammed a simple clean up is what you need to do. Clear up the things obstructing the path and clean the lenses of the sensors.

How many open/close cycles is completed by my gate?

For commercial places, installing a cycle counter is ideal as it helps in framing a proper maintenance schedule. For residences, it is varied and depends on the usage, but on an average, a gate undergoes 2000 open/close cycles in a year.

What is the most recommended type of gate opener?

There are many different types of gate openers available in the market. However, there isn’t one type that is compatible with all gates. Standard kits are the most common choice among consumers. It includes the basic parts such as the operator arm, the remote, the motor itself, and all the connectors and essentials.

How do you prevent your gate from sagging?

Even solid steel and wrought iron gates can end up sagging if their frames are not properly reinforced. The solution to this is simple reinforcement. For prefabricated gates like steel gates, your gate contractor would usually take care of the issue. Gate repair specialists suggest the use of diagonal braces in the corners to address sagging problems.

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